5 DIY Halloween Treats

Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Chips Restaurants

Cookies and decorations for Halloween, view from the topHalloween is just three days away, and that means you and your family are probably starting to put together all of the candy you’ll hand out to trick or treaters. But with so many delicious chocolates and candies right before your eyes, how can you not stick your hand in and take some for yourself? At Chip’s Family Restaurant, we suggest getting the family together and making your own Halloween treats rather than diving into your pre-packaged candy bags that are meant for Halloween night. See below for five of our favorite Halloween treats that you can make at home:

  • Marshmallow Witches: Using marshmallows, a chocolate cookie and a Hershey kiss, you can create your very own miniature witch! It’s simple, all you have to do is place one chocolate cookie on top of the marshmallow and then add a Hershey kiss for the point of the hat!
  • Cookie Graveyard: Start by collecting chocolate cookies of different sizes and stick them into a layer of melted marshmallows. To complete the look, use white icing to write your favorite ghostly sayings on the cookies!
  • Ghosts: Do you like chocolate covered strawberries? Make your own Halloween ghosts by dipping strawberries in white chocolate instead!
  • Dracula Cookies: Using truffles, a fruit roll up and your favorite cookie, you can easily create this spooky yet delicious Halloween treat! Start by freezing and covering your truffles in a candy coating, then place one on top of each cookie and wrap a piece of fruit roll up around the back to imitate the cape!
  • Candy Apples: Nothing says fall and Halloween like candy apples do! For this treat, all you need is a few apples and some dipping sauce – the flavor is up to you!

For more detailed descriptions and the recipe needed to create each of these Halloween sweets, click here.

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