Menu Spotlight: Salads

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by Chips Restaurants

DSCF0337When dining out, it can be difficult to choose a restaurant if all guests have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the food that they eat – especially when there are guests who are adamant about eating healthy! However, when you choose to eat at Chip’s Family Restaurant, you can be sure that our menu will satisfy the taste buds of even the most health conscious eaters!

Since many people associate eating out with eating foods that are not always on the healthy side, we’ve made a conscious effort to incorporate healthy choices into our menu so that there is something everyone can enjoy. Specifically, we’ve designed a comprehensive salad menu full of healthy meals that can satisfy and fill you up just as easily as one of our other menu items. See below for a brief look at the salads we offer:

  • Chicken Caesar
  • Salmon
  • Couscous Chicken
  • California Chicken
  • Chef Salad
  • Mediterranean Caesar
  • Spinach
  • Harvest
  • New York Greek Salad

At Chip’s Family Restaurant, each of our salads are carefully created to include foods that are great tasting yet healthy at the same time. For further details on what each of our salads include, please click here or visit us at a Chip’s near you and try one out for yourself; you won’t be disappointed!