Menu Spotlight: All Natural Menu

Posted on December 4th, 2014 by Chips Restaurants

Often, many health advocates steer clear of “take-out” foods and carefully inspect food labels while grocery shopping in order to avoid consuming foods that are processed. Essentially, these eaters tend to avoid foods that include antibiotics, steroids or hormones, most of which are inserted into the item when it is manufactured. Though “all natural” foods are available for purchase by consumers, it is often difficult to find a restaurant that offers meals that adhere to these standards. At Chip’s Family Restaurant, however, we realize the importance of offering foods that accommodate all of our customers’ preferences, which is why we’ve created our own all natural menu!

NATURAL green grunge vintage seal isolated on whiteThe following items are currently featured on our all natural menu:

1. Chip’s Power Salad

2. “While Marble Farms” Pork Chops

3. “All Natural” Salmon Salad

Each of these options come free of antibiotics, steroids and hormones so that our health conscious eaters can enjoy their meals just the way they like them. For more information on what each of the meals include, please click here.

As a family oriented restaurant, we have made it our priority to design a menu that caters to everyone’s needs, wants and tastes. From pancakes to wraps, melts, paninis, salads and more, our menu has it all! To check it out for yourself, come down to one of our four locations today; we hope to see you there!