Healthy Eating Holiday Guide

Posted on December 8th, 2014 by Chips Restaurants

Family serving Christmas dinnerWhen most people think of the holiday season, one word often comes to mind…food!¬†Throughout the entire month of December, many homes are filled with the scent of traditional family dishes and desserts, but that tends to make it difficult for anyone to avoid picking at what is displayed on their kitchen counter. With so many of our favorite foods lined up for the taking, we know we couldn’t resist! However, although it is customary to enjoy your favorite meals and desserts all month long, you mustn’t forget to keep your health in mind.

At Chip’s Family Restaurant, we want you to have a very happy and¬†healthy holiday season, which is why we’ve compiled a list of ways that you can still indulge in your favorite foods without regretting it; see below:



  • It’s okay to eat your favorite sweets and treats, but make an effort to eat them only when you’re hungry.
  • Start every meal by taking small portions. Although your eyes may say “yes,” listen to your stomach in case it says “no.”
  • When baking, substitute heavy ingredients with lighter, healthier versions whenever possible. For example, use low-fat or skim milk over whole milk if your recipe calls for it.
  • Keep water by your side at all times. Having a glass of water before and between meals can help you feel fuller faster. This way, you’ll be less inclined to take more food than you can handle.
  • Pay attention to what and when you’re eating. Keeping track of what you are eating and how often is especially important when there are so many opportunities to consume food.

For additional ways that you can work to stay healthy this holiday season, click here.

Are you planning to take the family out for the holidays rather than stay in? Consider a trip to Chip’s Family Restaurant! At Chip’s Family Restaurant, our menu is fully equipped with healthy food options that everyone can enjoy. For more information on where you can find us, click here. Happy holidays everyone!