How To Make The Perfect Pancake

Posted on February 4th, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

Pancakes, Chip's Family Retaurant

If you have ever attempted to make pancakes at home, then you are probably aware of how difficult it can be to get them to come out just right. Between crafting them in a perfect circle to making sure they are fully cooked and won’t fall apart the moment you lift them up, there are so many things that can potentially go wrong during your time in the kitchen. But there has to be some way to cook them up to restaurant standards on your own right? Being that we at Chip’s Family Restaurant specialize in pancakes, we would like to offer you a few cooking secrets to help you create a perfect pancake of your own –

1. Make sure that you use just the right amount of ingredients. Adding in too much of this or too little of that could hinder the consistency of your pancakes.

2. Always let your pan fully heat up before adding any ingredients to it. If your pan is in between temperatures while the ingredients are already in it, it could impact the way in which your pancakes cook.

3. Don’t flip until the underside of the pancake is fully cooked, and don’t over flip. Flipping too early or more than is necessary because you’re anxious will not make the pancake cook any faster or come out any better.

4. Only use as much batter as necessary per pancake. Having too much batter on your plate can impact the pancakes’ ability to cook all the way through.

Still feel like your pancakes won’t turn out as planned? Rather than slave over your stove until the perfect pancake is made, come down to Chip’s Family Restaurant and have them brought right to you. Our breakfast menu is equipped with over 40 varieties of pancakes, including banana nut, coconut crunch, chocolate chip, M&M and more. To learn more about our pancake menu, please click here. Breakfast is served!