Chip’s Family Restaurant | About Us!

Posted on April 24th, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

If you are familiar with Fairfield, Orange, Trumbull or Wethersfield, Connecticut, then you may know that we at Chip’s Family Restaurant are famous for our pancakes. But what else do you know about us? Do you know when and where it all began and how our traditions came to be? As an establishment that values connecting with our customers and the local people of Connecticut, we want you to get to know us on a deeper level and learn our story.

The Chip’s experience first began in 1966 – our restaurant has been a landmark in Orange, CT for quite some time! Since then, we have had the opportunity to expand to Fairfield, Trumbull and Wethersfield and are proud to be opening our fifth location in Southbury next month.

Now let’s take it back to 2003:

Twelve years ago, George Chatzopoulos took over the business and began to integrate his Greek heritage into all that we do – that’s one of the reasons breakfast is such a big part of our menu! Mixing Greek and Mediterranean favorites with traditional American family style traditions, a menu was crafted that included breakfast being served all day, not to mention a variety of other incredible lunch and dinner options.

As George puts it, “we are a family restaurant. Everything is homemade and that’s what makes the difference.” What a perfect way to describe all that we do! And did you know – in addition to providing our customers with excellent food and great service, we also give back to the community at any chance we get and have opened our doors for many civic organization meetings to be held. Connecting with the community is what we’re all about!

To learn more about us and our history, be sure to check out our YouTube video below: