How To Make Perfect Homemade Waffles

Posted on June 5th, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

Like pancakes, attempting to make a perfect waffle at home can often get messy – the batter isn’t even, the waffle iron doesn’t heat up correctly – a number of things can get in the way! However, although it may take a few tries to really get it right, making the perfect waffle is certainly a task that any homeowner can complete!

If you’ve struggled with making waffles at home before, these tips are sure to help you improve on your next try:

Making waffles
1. Always start by reading the instructions your waffle iron. Different makes and models will be designed to cook differently, so even if you’ve mastered one product you’ll need to read more about the next. For example, some require cooking spray, others may not – this can make a huge difference in the way your waffle comes out!

2. When mixing the ingredients, watch how rough you are with the batter. In order to allow your batter to flow nicely through your waffle iron, you’ll need the mixture to be a smooth one. In order to get to this texture many people often think they need to mix more than they do, so in addition to watching how rough you are, also watch how long you are mixing for – you don’t need to over mix to get your batter to an ideal state!

3. If your waffles are notorious for sticking to your waffle iron, consider adding some more oil or butter. These two ingredients play an important role in the “stick factor” of your waffles, so if you have trouble getting them out it may be because you aren’t using enough of them!

4. Don’t fret over a lack of buttermilk. While many recipes may call for it, using regular milk is just fine! But if you insist on making waffles that have the texture that buttermilk brings, you can make your own by adding a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to your cup of milk.

5. Avoid getting anxious! Although the scent of freshly cooked waffles can make it tempting to lift the lid of your iron early, it’s important not to do so until the indicator light comes on. By lifting too early, you could interrupt the natural cooking process and even rip your waffle apart!

Like anything else, keep in mind that practice makes perfect! If you can remember these five simple tips, we are confident that you are on your way to making awesome waffles for you and your family to enjoy!

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