5 Foods That Can Help You Keep Cool

Posted on July 14th, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

With temperatures climbing and the humidity setting in, we bet one of your main concerns is how to keep cool. But while relaxing in an air conditioned room is a great way to do so, it likely won’t be long until you are anxious to get outdoors and enjoy some of the summer sun. Therefore, to help you get the most out of the season, we did some research to find some unusual ways to beat the heat; did you know that the foods you eat can contribute to how you feel? If you’re looking for ways to lower your body temperature, consider taking a bite out of one of the below:

Cooling foods for summer

Watermelon: Being that the majority of watermelon’s composition is water, this fruit can certainly help you quench your thirst and keep you hydrated on hot summer days. And as a result, it can definitely help you remain cool when spending time outdoors.

Cucumbers: Like watermelon, cucumbers are also primarily made up of water, making it the perfect veggie to sink your teeth into when you’re feeling a bit too warm.

Mint: Mint does more than just give you fresh breath – it can also counteract the feeling you get when spending too much time outdoors! How? The burst of flavor you get when biting into fresh mint can cause a “cooling freshness on your tongue,” which could ultimately result in the rest of your body feeling cool.

Grapefruit: Did you know that citrus fruits – such as grapefruits – are known to be one of the most cooling fruits there is? Not to mention, they are also known to be extremely helpful with the digestion process, which could help you feel better in summer too!

Radishes: Although not usually the first choice, radishes are a great summer food since they are loaded with important nutrients and also contain tons of water. Again, that gives them great cooling power during the summer months!

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