The Benefits Of Eating Out With Family This Summer

Posted on July 16th, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

With everyone on different schedules – especially in the summer – we know it can be difficult to get your whole family together for a meal. However, although it may not be obvious at first, eating as a family provides a multitude of benefits that unfortunately are lost when prior commitments get in the way. But there has to be a way to get everyone together, right? Of course there is! Rather than eating at home, visiting a restaurant is the perfect opportunity to sit down with your family and enjoy a meal as one. Here are a few of the reasons why we recommend doing so:

Family eating together

Minimal distractions: At home, distractions such as the TV, pets, and people walking in and out can take away from family time and the meal you are eating. The good news, though, is that at a restaurant these are greatly reduced, if evident at all. Additionally, since someone else is doing the cooking, all you have to focus on is engaging in conversation with those you are with! Sounds pretty nice, right?

Learning experience: Eating out at a restaurant is the perfect time for children to work on their social skills and their manners. Although these may be enforced at home, eating out provides children with the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned and certainly gives them the chance to improve. Furthermore, having interaction with wait staff is a great way for children to pick up on social cues and work on communication.

New opportunities: Anyone with children knows that it’s hard to get them to try new things, especially in an environment like their home where they are comfortable and set in a routine. However, eating out is a great time to break them of this habit and get them to be daring! Even if they don’t order something out of the ordinary, eating out provides them with the opportunity to take a bite out of what’s on your plate.

While these are just three of the benefits of eating out with your family, it’s obvious that finding the time to do so can truly make a difference. Are you ready to start planning your next family outing? If so, be sure to come down to one of our Chip’s locations! After all, we are a family restaurant, which makes our dining rooms the perfect place for all. For more information about where you can find us, please check out the locations tabs above. We hope to see you and your family soon!