“On The Go” Back-To-School Breakfast Ideas

Posted on August 21st, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

It’s amazing – the back-to-school season is already here! Over the next few weeks, we bet you’ll be busy with making sure your children have all of the school supplies and clothes they need for the new year if you have little ones at home. But in addition to making sure their outfit and backpack is all set for the first day, you’ll also need to spend some time on their meal plans!

With that in mind, we know how busy mornings can be trying to get everyone out the door, which is why we put together the following list of “on the go” breakfast ideas you can use in your home:

On the go back-to-school breakfast ideas

Yogurt: Nothing is easier than grabbing a yogurt out of the fridge! And if your child wants to spice up the flavor a bit, you can simply put together a bag on the side with some of their favorite morning ingredients (Parenting.com suggests items like toasted almonds and raspberry jam).

Fruit smoothie: Perfect for the first few weeks of school when temperatures still have the potential to be high! All you’ll need on hand is some fruit and other common household items like water and yogurt – then you can whip up a smoothie 1,2,3!

Muffins: Whether homemade or store bought, muffins are an easy grab and go breakfast idea! If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, consider this recipe for low-fat strawberry-cinnamon muffins.

Breakfast wrap: You may associate wraps with lunch or dinner, but they can be just as good for breakfast too. And the best part is, you can put them together the night before to give yourself some more time in the morning! Here’s an example recipe for you to consider.

Know what’s even easier than preparing something that your children can grab while they’re on the go? Having someone else do the cooking and preparation for you! Our Chip’s Family Restaurant locations open at 6 A.M, so there is plenty of time for you and your family to stop in for a morning meal! Will we see you soon?