The Truth Behind Common Food Myths

Posted on September 18th, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

Do you stray away from certain foods just because of what you’ve heard about them? On the flip side, do you only eat certain foods because of what you’ve heard about them? While you may believe something to be true, keep in mind that things can get a bit misconstrued through word-of-mouth. But don’t worry – today, we’re here to clear a few things up for you:

The truth behind common food myths

Myth 1: Dark is always better than light.

When it comes to choosing bread for your sandwich or toast, darker products aren’t always better than lighter ones. Instead, what really matters is whether or not the bread is made from whole grains.

Myth 2: Fried food is always bad for you.

Although this doesn’t mean you should consume nothing but fried foods, it’s certainly okay to have them in moderation – just make some adjustments to the way you cook! To minimize the amount of calories and fat you consume, fry in oils that aren’t too high in the saturated fat department.

Myth 3: Eggs have too much cholesterol.

Just because they have some cholesterol doesn’t mean that you should completely give eggs the boot. If you’re super concerned about your cholesterol levels, what you should really be staying away from is saturated and trans fats. Not to mention, eggs contain many important nutrients that our bodies need, which only adds to their benefits!

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