Ways To Use Pumpkin Spice In The Kitchen This Fall

Posted on October 6th, 2015 by Chips Restaurants

Ways To Use Pumpkin Spice In The Kitchen

If you had to name one flavor that sums up autumn, what would you say? Have an answer in your head? Now we’re going to guess what you said – are you thinking pumpkin? If you asked us in reverse, that’s definitely what we would say! From coffee to cakes, pie, muffins and more, pumpkin and pumpkin spice are two of the most popular flavors for fall; here are a few ways that you can even start to use them yourself:

In your pancakes: Mmm, our favorite! Just add some of this ingredient to your pancake’s batter and mix away! Especially if you’re notorious for choosing flavors like chocolate chip, banana or blueberry, you’ll want to switch things up and spice things up (literally) with pumpkin spice pancakes this fall!

In your bread: You may feel comfortable with your usual white, whole wheat or rye bread, but nothing tastes as good as bread with a splash of pumpkin spice. Whether you munch on it as a snack or use it for sandwiches or toast, this is a simple, yet perfect way to experience one of the season’s best tastes. If you’re considering making some at home, use this recipe for inspiration.

In your yogurt: What better way to start off the day than with a dash of pumpkin spice in your morning yogurt? Regardless of the ingredients you already mix in on a daily basis, pumpkin spice will only make it that much better!

In your apples: ‘Tis the season of apple picking! If you’ve got tons of this delicious fruit at home and want to give each one a bit of added flavor, consider sprinkling some pumpkin spice into the mix!

Now you tell us – in what ways will you use pumpkin spice when cooking this fall? Visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to let us know!

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