How To Guarantee The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner

Posted on January 29th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

Valentine’s Day is just 2 weeks away from this Sunday, which means it’s time to start making plans for how you’ll celebrate with your special someone. While many couples decide to get all dressed up and spend the night in town at their favorite restaurant, others elect to enjoy some quiet time together, starting with a home-cooked meal. But regardless of what your plans include, we know you want it to turn out perfect, which is why we’re here to offer a few tips on how to guarantee the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home or at a restaurant:

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Valentine’s Day Dinner At Home

1. Plan according to how long dinner takes to cook – your date doesn’t want to sit around alone while you’re busy in the kitchen! And if you know that your meal requires a long cook time, make sure to get started early so that the preparation doesn’t cut into your time together.

2. If you’re interested in surprising your date with a new recipe, make sure you test it out at least once before the big day. Although it may sound delicious, if you don’t practice and taste it yourself, you could be in for a big surprise during dinner if it wasn’t what you expected. But if you don’t have time to give it a try beforehand, consider sticking with something you’re already familiar with instead.

3. No matter what you choose to cook, make sure there is enough food available for seconds just in case you or your date are a bit hungrier than expected. Even if that means throwing in a few extra side dishes or an extra serving, having leftovers that you can enjoy the next day is better than going hungry!

Valentine’s Day Dinner At A Restaurant

1. You can bet that the streets will be swarmed with couples on Valentine’s Day night, so don’t forget to make a reservation well in advance. Although a little wait here or there is nothing to stress over, you certainly don’t want to show up only to find out that tables aren’t going to free up for another hour or two. Should the restaurant you choose not accept reservations, ask if they have any insight on dining times that they expect won’t be as busy.

2. Always research the menu to ensure that there is something on there that both you and your date will like. Even if you’ve been there before, keep in mind that your date might be a new visitor and therefore might not be familiar with what they have to offer. If you aren’t sure about any of the menu offerings or think that they may not suit your date’s taste, it’s best to look elsewhere.

3. If your date doesn’t know where you’re taking them, give them a hint so that they can dress accordingly. When they don’t have any idea on what is considered appropriate, it can be rather difficult to plan an outfit and it may even cause your date to feel uncomfortable if they show up under or over dressed.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you and your date have a good time while enjoying each other’s company. What plans do you have? Will you be dining out or eating in? If you’re in or near Fairfield, Orange, Southbury, Trumbull or Wethersfield, Connecticut, consider Chip’s Family Restaurant! We hope we’ll see you soon!