Tips For Beginner Chefs

Posted on February 26th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

At the beginning of this year, did you commit to a New Year’s Resolution to learn a new skill? For those of you who did, something we think everyone should know is how to be a good cook. After all, we all have to eat, so shouldn’t we enjoy what we make for ourselves?

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Although cooking may seem like an intimidating task for some, it certainly doesn’t have to be – you just need to know a few basic tips to get started! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Get organized early on: The key to a seamless cooking experience is to have all of your ingredients laid out on the table before you get started. Not to mention, it helps if you have them placed in the order you’ll need them so that you aren’t constantly searching for what you need next.

2. Read through the recipe once, then check it twice: We’re all guilty of skimming through recipes thinking we know it all, but if you don’t read it carefully, you could wind up disappointed! Make sure you know exactly what you need, how you have to prepare, and double check measurements to make sure you’ve got everything right.

3. Have the right tools: Learning how to cook may require you to make a purchase or two, but it will all be worth it in the long run. For example, we all have knives, but do you have a chef’s knife? Having the right tools on hand will have a huge impact on your success in the kitchen, so don’t just try to wing it with what you already own.

4. Start simple: Don’t get too excited about this new journey you’re on and try to whip up one of the fanciest recipes you can find. In order to excel, you’ll need to start simple and work your way up so that you can learn all of the tips and tricks you need to advance.

5. Learn the lingo: Recipes aren’t always written out in black and white, and sometimes they might even have words in them that confuse you. So, you’ll need to learn what certain words and terms mean before you even head into the kitchen! To get started, check out The Cook’s Dictionary offered here by WebMD.

As you begin learning how to cook, our best piece of advice is to avoid getting frustrated when things don’t work out. A big part of being successful is being open to trial and error, so don’t give up even when things don’t go right the first time!

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