Tips For A Successful Easter Dinner At A Restaurant

Posted on March 10th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, and with only a few weeks left before the big day arrives, it’s time to start finalizing plans – especially the plans that involve breakfast, brunch, lunch and/or dinner.

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For some families, we know that Easter celebrations primarily take place in the home. But for others, sometimes it’s easier to take everyone out and have someone else do the cooking. If you’re thinking more along the lines of option number two for this year’s Easter dinner, we’ve put together a few tips for you to use to ensure it’s a complete success:

1. Make a reservation: You’re certainly not the only one that’s planning to have dinner at a restaurant, so if you want to guarantee your party a table at an ideal time, let the restaurant know in advance. If, however, your restaurant of choice doesn’t accept reservations, ask them if they have a call ahead policy or if they have any insight into how busy it may be and during which times so you can plan accordingly for the day of.

2. Know your party size: If you’ll be celebrating Easter with more than just your immediate family, set a deadline for when other family members and friends must let you know if they’ll be attending. When you give them to the last minute to decide, it can be much harder to secure the reservation you want, and it can also disrupt planning for things such as transportation.

3. Research the menu: To ensure that everyone enjoys their meal, it’s important to double check the menu so that you know if there is a variety of options. If you know you’ve got a picky eater to handle, you may even want to send the menu to them directly before making your plans official so that they can see for themselves what they have to choose from.

4. Be on time: Especially if you have a reservation for dinner, make being on time a priority. For those of you with guests traveling from out of town, let them know well in advance what time they’re expected so that they can plan properly. Not knowing where people are or having them be late can add a lot of stress when you’re trying to get settled in and order, so in fact, everyone should aim to be early.

Planning an evening out may seem stressful at first if you’re in charge, but as long as you give yourself enough time and follow the tips above, we bet everything will be just fine!

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