Foods To Use Maple Syrup With That Aren’t Pancakes

Posted on April 1st, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

Breakfast in Southbury | Breakfast Wethersfield | Diner in FairfieldWhen you think of using maple syrup, we’re sure you immediately think of classic breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles and probably also french toast. But who says those are the only foods that maple syrup works well with? If you’ve seen the movie Elf, you know that syrup is one of the main four food groups and can be used on almost anything, and that might just be true! Below, we’re sharing a few other foods that you can complement with maple syrup even if it seems a bit out of the ordinary.

1. Grilled Cheese.
Yes, you ready right! Your typical grilled cheese can be taken to a completely new level by pouring some maple syrup over the top – just enough to give it a sweeter taste!

2. Ribs.
If you’re like most others, you probably use BBQ sauce on your ribs and wouldn’t have it any other way. But, you’d be amazed at the taste when you add just a quarter cup of maple syrup to that BBQ sauce before digging in!

3. Chicken Kebabs.
Instead of using just a traditional marinade on your chicken kebabs, sweeten up your next BBQ by adding some maple syrup to the mix! Once applied and placed on the grill, we bet both you and your guests will start to feel your mouth watering for more.

4. Scones.
Are you a favor of scones for breakfast? If you make your own, try substituting one of the sugars for maple syrup! It’s the perfect way to sweeten up your morning, that’s for sure.

So, which foods would you try with a little bit of maple syrup on top or on the side? Be sure to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page!

Although maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes, here at Chip’s Family Restaurant, pancakes are our favorite food to use it with! To learn about the various pancake flavors we offer at each of our restaurants, be sure to visit us the next time you’re in town!