Wine Hacks To Know For National Wine Day and Every Day

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

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Ah, National Wine Day – in the opinions of many, probably one of the greatest days of the year. While you were busy raising your glass and sipping on your favorite flavor last month, last week, or maybe even just yesterday, we were doing some research on wine hacks that will absolutely change your life so that we could share them with you today – here’s what we found:

Wine hack #1: Replace your corkscrew with a screwdriver and hammer.

No corkscrew? No problem! So long as you have a screwdriver, a screw, and a hammer somewhere in your home, shed or garage (and we’re sure you do), you can open your bottle with ease. Just start by screwing a screw into the cork, then pull it out using the back side of your hammer!

Wine hack #2: Put the leftovers in the freezer.

If you’re like mostwatching leftover wine be poured down the drain can be a pretty sad sight. But now, your eyes don’t ever have to see this again! Instead of sending your leftovers into your pipes, pour it into an ice cube tray instead and freeze it – you’d be surprised at how often frozen wine cubes can come in handy, especially if a recipe calls for wine.

Wine hack #3: Use coffee filters to get rid of cork pieces.

No, we don’t like cork pieces floating around in our wine glass either, which makes this wine hack extremely useful. Simply place a coffee filter over the top of your glass before pouring the wine in so that it can collect any pieces of cork that would wind up mixed in with the rest of your drink.

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