5 Best Foods To Eat Before A Test

Posted on June 3rd, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

In our last blog post, we shared three of the biggest benefits that come from eating breakfast before a test. Today, we’d like to follow up to that and get more specific about which foods should be a part of your pre-exam meal time routine! If you or someone in your home has a final or two to take over the next few weeks, you’ll want to have these items in the house:


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Nuts are filled with nutrients, fats and some carbs, making them the perfect source of energy. Choose from walnuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts or cashews – each of these nut types are packed with the nutrients you need to boost your brain power on a day as important as test day!


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Blueberries are extremely powerful when it comes to improving your brain health – they may improve your memory, reasoning skills, numerical abilities, decision making skills, and even your concentration! As all of the above are important to excel in a testing environment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t munch on a few before it’s time to take the pens and pencils out.


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When paired with whole-grain cereal, toast, or oatmeal, eggs can be pretty powerful in helping you stay alert throughout your exam. But should this not be the type of breakfast you’re looking for, at least make sure that you’re eating foods rich in protein, as protein plays a huge role in your brain’s capabilities to perform.


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Any foods that offer B vitamins are key for improving your memory. According to WebMD, vitamins B-6 and B-12 specifically have been associated with improved memory and alertness. That said, when it’s time to think about dinner the night before your exam, make sure you’ve got a green like broccoli on your plate.

Dark Chocolate

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For those of you with a sweet tooth, yes, dark chocolate may help you get through your exam. In addition to improving your focus and problem-solving skills like some of the other foods mentioned above, chocolate can also help rid your body of the negative effects of stress – and let’s face it, we all feel a little stressed out before a big test.

Along with choosing the right foods, don’t forget that it’s also just as important to drink the right beverages before you head into the classroom. Some brain boosting drinks include water and tea – just try not to overload your tea with too much sugar.

To anyone with a test coming up, all of us at Chip’s Family Restaurant wish you the best of luck! When all is said and done, don’t forget to come celebrate with us by dining at one of our five restaurants in Connecticut.