5 Father’s Day Gifts For Foodie Dads

Posted on June 14th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

We know that it can be hard to find a Father’s Day gift that’s perfect for dad, especially when it seems like he already has everything and there are only a few days left until his big day. However, if dad is the foodie type and loves to eat/will eat just about anything, the good news is that there are ton of gift ideas out there that we can bet you can pursue even when you’re pressed for time.

Below, we’ve listed out 5 of our favorite gifts for foodies – take a look and see if any scream “dad” to you.

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1. A cookbook. Food always tastes better when you’ve put in the hard work yourself to cook it, so consider getting dad a cookbook filled with recipes that you know he’ll love! From breakfast to lunch, dinner, dessert and even drinks, we bet you can find something that’s right up his alley. Tip: if he prefers to use a Crock-Pot, look for Crock-Pot specific cookbooks!

2. A Crock-Pot. For dads that are currently cooking without a Crock-Pot, transform his cooking experience by presenting him with one! Especially if dad is pressed for time at night, having a Crock-Pot on hand can help make preparing dinner so much easier.

3. New silverware and place settings. If dad is the type that loves having guests over to cook for them, a brand new set of silverware or place settings is an awesome idea. Since there are so many options out there, try finding a pattern or color scheme that matches dad’s style and personality.

4. A homemade dinner. Dad is sure to love a homemade dinner courtesy of you, so if you were thinking of planning a low-key celebration, this is definitely the way to go if dad is a foodie. You can either make him his favorite meal OR surprise him with something new if his taste buds are up for it.

5. A restaurant gift card. How often does dad get a chance to enjoy a meal where he gets to relax and have someone else take care of the cooking? Probably not often enough! Here’s where a gift card to his favorite restaurant comes in. For those of you in Connecticut, don’t forget that we offer gift cards here at Chip’s Family Restaurant too!

As a family oriented restaurant, we would love nothing more than to serve your family a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner this Father’s Day. So, if you don’t have plans yet, make plans to bring the whole family down to our restaurant in Fairfield, Orange, Southbury, Trumbull or Wethersfield! We hope to see you soon!