4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Lunch Break

Posted on June 17th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

Regardless of the type of work you do during the day and how long your work day lasts for, we all have one thing in common – the need to eat lunch. However, with long to-do lists and meetings that consume our days, all too often many of us find ourselves skipping the lunch break all together and just eat while we continue to work.

On the one hand, this may seem like the best thing to do so that you don’t leave at the end of the day feeling overwhelmed about what you didn’t accomplish during your break. But, the truth of the matter is that skipping your lunch break can actually do a lot more harm than good.

4 Reasons To Take A Lunch Break

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1. It can encourage healthier eating habits. People who choose to skip their break may be more likely to run to the vending machine and just grab a quick snack, but we all know that’s not how we should be approaching lunch. When you dedicate the time to getting up from your desk and stop feeling pressured about having to eat quickly, you can make much better food choices and really fuel your body with the nutrients it needs and deserves.

2. It can prevent overeating. When your mind is preoccupied with answering emails, taking phone calls and checking off one thing after another on your to-do list, it can become easier to overeat – that’s because you’re so focused on other things that you forget to realize you’re full! However, when all you’re focused on is eating your lunch, it would be pretty hard to miss the messages your body is telling you when it’s time to stop.

3. It gives you a good excuse to move. For those of you with office jobs that have you sitting behind a desk all day, your lunch break gives you the chance to get up and get moving. It’s no secret that sitting in the same position for hours can lead to body stiffness and other pain, so even if you don’t need the full half hour or hour to eat, at least use it to walk around.

4. It encourages productivity. If you’ve tried working for eight hours straight without a break, you’re probably familiar with that tired feeling that starts to ensue late in the day. However, when you give yourself the chance to step away from your computer and focus your mind on something else, you can help refuel your body and your brain in a way that encourages more productivity once you return.

Now that you know why you should take your lunch break each and every day, we hope you’ll make it a priority to do so. For those of you in Connecticut who work near our restaurant in Fairfield, Orange, Southbury, Trumbull or Wethersfield, we’d love to see you during your break, so be sure to consider us for your next lunch outing!