Pancake Toppings That Aren’t Maple Syrup

Posted on July 21st, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

Regardless of whether you order pancakes at a restaurant or have them at home, chances are you drizzle some maple syrup over them before you eat. Delicious? Absolutely. But is maple syrup the only thing that pancakes can be topped with? Definitely not.

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The next time you have a stack of pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner (they’re the perfect meal regardless of the time of day!), consider trying one of these mouth watering toppings instead:

Peanut Butter

If you agree that peanut butter tastes good on just about anything, then you’ll definitely be a fan of using it on your pancakes. While you could spread it across your pancakes like you would for a PB&J, you can also create a syrup-like mixture by adding some honey and then popping it all in the microwave.


Apples aren’t the only thing that works with a caramel topping! It’s like syrup in the sense that the consistency is pretty similar, so if you’re nervous about trying something new, this might be the perfect topping to start with – you can even make your own!


For all you chocolate lovers out there, you simply can’t go wrong by pouring some chocolate syrup over your pancakes (for extra, extra chocolate, give this one a shot when you have chocolate-chip pancakes). You’ll definitely need a sweet tooth for this one, but if you can’t have a bowl of ice cream without hot fudge on top or can’t go a day without a chocolate candy or two, you’ll love it.

Warm Apples

Love apple pie and/or fried apples? Just imagine taking those and combining them with your pancakes – delicious, right? An added benefit is that having apples on your pancakes can even make your meal a little healthier too! If you don’t normally eat the recommended amount of fruit each day, adding some apples to the top of your pancakes is a great way to help you get on the right track.


Or strawberries…or bananas. Any kind of fruit really can also be the perfect topping for your pancakes! In fact, you might want to try making blueberry pancakes with some extra blueberries on top so you get a double dose of your favorite flavor. And of course, to really top it off, don’t forget about the whipped cream.

While maple syrup is most definitely a classic, we bet you won’t be disappointed if you try to change things up a bit. Which new topping are you up for trying first?

Here at Chip’s Family Restaurant, we have tons of pancakes for you to choose from – many of which include different toppings! For example, our german apple pancakes are topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar, our patriotic pancakes are topped with blueberries, fresh bananas and strawberries, and our choc-a-holic pancakes are topped with chocolate sauce, powdered sugar and whipped cream!

The next time you’re in Fairfield, Orange, Southbury, Trumbull or Wethersfield, Connecticut and are looking for something good to eat, come on down to Chip’s Family Restaurant and enjoy one of our amazing pancakes – we know you’ll love ’em!