Breakfast Ideas for Students On-the-Go

Posted on August 24th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

Some people will say that they don’t eat breakfast simply because they don’t have enough time, but is time really a valid excuse? We don’t think so! Especially considering how many travel-friendly meals there are, we think everyone should be eating breakfast whether they do it at home around the kitchen table or on-the-go.

With back-to-school season upon us, today we’d like to share some easy breakfast ideas for students that are pressed for time in the morning – take a look below to see what we suggest.

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Muffins are an excellent choice because you can either buy them pre-made if you’re¬†super pressed for time, or you can make yourself a whole batch that will last you quite a few days. So long as you take the right steps to keep them fresh muffins shouldn’t go stale quickly, so you can have a whole week’s worth of breakfast waiting for you to grab at once!


Fruits like bananas, apples and grapes are super easy, and they’re good for you too! Your success in the classroom has a lot to do with what you eat in the morning, so healthy foods like these are always a great choice.


If you don’t have time to prepare your cereal in a bowl with milk, just pour some dry into a bag!¬†Unless you’d prefer to still use a spoon, you won’t even need to bring any utensils with you – the only thing you need is a plastic bag and your cereal of choice.

Granola Bars

Once you open the box and take out a bar, you’re all set! With so many different flavors of granola bars out there, you can keep several kinds in your cabinet so that you start off each day of the week with a new taste.


You can even bring a baggie filled with some granola to pour in it too! It doesn’t matter if you choose a regular cup of yogurt, a yogurt parfait, or maybe even a yogurt smoothie – either way, yogurt in any form is another great option!

For most students, Monday – Friday will probably require some type of on-the-go meal, but when it comes to the weekend, you can treat yourself to something even better! If you’re located in Fairfield, Orange, Southbury, Trumbull or Wethersfield, Connecticut, or if you happen to be passing through on a weekend, stop into Chip’s Family Restaurant and let us take care of breakfast for you! Pancakes are our specialty, but we also serve belgian waffles, french toast, eggs, omelets and more.

Click here to learn more about our breakfast menu – we hope to see you soon!