The Connection Between Breakfast and Academic Performance

Posted on September 30th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

Breakfast is important for everyone – this, you probably already know – but with children recently going back to school, we thought now would be a great time to address just how important breakfast is for students.

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Some students just aren’t morning people, but that doesn’t mean that time shouldn’t be made for breakfast before leaving for the day! An article from explains that children who start their day with a breakfast high in carbs and protein gain a ton of mental and even physical benefits. But, unfortunately, it’s been reported that approximately 8-12% of school-aged children are skipping breakfast altogether.

If you have a child at home that’s still in school, it’s time to start encouraging breakfast if they aren’t already sitting down for a meal in the morning – here’s why:


  • It has been said that children who eat breakfast are able to concentrate better throughout the day compared to children who don’t.
  • Some suggest that children who eat breakfast tend to participate more in class discussions, making them a more active part of their academic experience.
  • Children who eat breakfast are known to perform better academically and get better grades.
  • A study showed that eating breakfast helps with memory and attention, which directly effects a child’s ability to retrieve and remember information.
  • Eating breakfast has also been linked to better attendance, which is essential for a positive learning experience and academic performance.

For these reasons alone, it seems pretty clear to us just how big a role breakfast plays in a child’s academic career. That said, we encourage all students to start their day with a well-rounded meal!

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