5 Delicious Ways To Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers

Posted on November 28th, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

5 Delicious Ways To Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers | Dinner in CT | Chip's Family Restaurant

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend – some of us are ecstatic for the online deals that come about with Cyber Monday, but others are experiencing a bad case of the Monday Blues. Well, even if your Monday isn’t off to such a hot start there’s one thing to be thankful for – Thanksgiving leftovers. Here’s what you should be doing this week with the seemingly endless tupperwares full of turkey, stuffing and the like.

1. Make a double-decker sandwich: tomorrow’s lunch doesn’t have to be so boring. Create an extravagant sandwich by layering sliced turkey breast, lettuce and tomato on the first piece of bread. Then top it with another slice of bread and pile on the stuffing and cranberry sauce. Pro tip: soak the middle layer of bread in gravy before adding it to the sandwich.

2. Make cranberry-orange muffins for breakfast: still have a bag full of cranberries that didn’t get used on Thursday? Put them to good use by stuffing them in muffin batter. The added plus is that  you won’t have to stress about making breakfast before work the rest of the week.

3. Make pumpkin pancakes: you can use canned pumpkin for this recipe or you can indulge in that leftover pumpkin pie. Take a few scoops of the pumpkin filling and mix it into the batter.

4. Make a turkey club salad: feeling guilty from the amount of food you consumed over the weekend? Maybe you’ll feel better if you eat a salad. Cut up some pieces of fresh turkey and mix in tomatoes and a few chunks of bacon.

5. Make a turkey shepherd’s pie: if you’re looking to get rid of that large container of mashed potatoes and any turkey that might still be hanging out in the fridge, shepherd’s pie is the way to go.

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