The Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies

Posted on December 1st, 2016 by Chips Restaurants

The Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies | Dinner in Connecticut | Chip's Family Restaurant

Do you think about food 24/7? Can’t wait to consume your next meal? Enjoy going out to dinner, trying new restaurants or cooking for your family? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions you can consider yourself a foodie. And even if you don’t, but you have one in your family or close friend group the gift ideas below may just help you out this holiday season – especially when it comes time to shop for those who seem to already have everything.

1.Gourmet Salt Sampler: why cook with standard table salt when you can treat your taste buds to gourmet counterparts? There are lots of salt samplers out there with everything from smoked salt to ginger lime salt and everything in between.

2.Milk Frother: for the coffee-connoisseurs in your life a milk frother may be the one piece of coffee equipment they don’t already have. Although some of the ones on the market can be a bit expensive, they last virtually forever and they’re great for lattes, hot chocolate and the like.

3. Ice Cream Huggy: who doesn’t love diving head- or spoon-first into a pint of ice cream? The only problem is the container is really cold and can make our hands numb. Not if you have a huggy! Think of it like a coozie, but for ice cream. You may even want to add a scoop of ice cream to your pancakes for a special holiday treat!

4. Knife Set: notice your friends or family members are struggling to cut, slice and dice as they prepare their meals? If so, it’s time for a new knife set. We highly recommend a set of Zwiling J.A. Henckles, Shun, or Calphalon knives.

5. Himalayan Salt Drinkware: for those who love to sip on tequila, this is a no-brainer. But if alcohol isn’t quite their cup of tea, they’ll also work well with caramel flavored coffee or hot chocolate.We hope you’ll keep these gift ideas in mind this holiday season – they’ll save you lots of time and stress!

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