Avoid These 3 Pancake Mistakes At All Costs

Posted on January 12th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

Pouring pancake batter with a ladle. Making yeast pancakes (crepes).
You’ve been thinking about them all week. You’ve got the entire process planned out for the weekend. It’s now Saturday morning and you’re ready to start cooking. You can’t wait to eat what you think is going to be the best pancakes you’ve ever had, but when you take your first bite, you realize that it was a complete failure. What could have possibly gone wrong?

You Overmixed The Batter

Do you find yourself mixing the batter until there are no clumps left in the mixture? Next time you make pancakes, resist the urge. Overmixing can lead to tough, chewy pancakes instead of the light, airy ones you were dreaming about.

You Set The Heat Too High

You were starving so you figured if you turned the heat up to the high setting, they’d cook faster. In reality, all this does is cook the pancakes unevenly. Chances are, you’ll burn the outsides and wind up with an undercooked center. Leave the heat on medium for a more even cook.

You’re Not Flipping Properly

Once you see bubbles it’s time to flip, right? Wrong. Seeing bubbles means you should let them cook for another minute or two before flipping. They should also never be flipped more than once. Too many flips can cause them to deflate and again, you’ll lose the fluffy texture you were dreaming about.

Keep these mistakes in mind the next time you set out to cook pancakes and you’ll find them much more enjoyable. Or, you can leave the cooking to the experts at Chip’s Family Restaurant. After all, we’ve been voted best pancakes in Connecticut 8 years in a row!