5 Simple Weekday Breakfast Ideas

Posted on February 9th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

5 Simple Weekday Breakfast Ideas | Breakfast Connecticut | Chip's Family Restaurant

Let’s face it – there’s not enough time in the morning to wake up, get ready and prepare a full meal for breakfast before heading out the door, so you thought. Normally, when we think of fast, easy-to-make breakfast foods toast and oatmeal come to mind. But these items can be bland and don’t necessarily offer the key nutrients we need to get our day started on the right foot. See below for 5 simple weekday breakfast ideas that aren’t all toast – and best of all, they’re kid-friendly, too:

Avocado Crackers

If you’ve been on the internet in the last couple of months you’ve probably seen the Avocado Toast craze. This alternative breakfast option can be referred to as “Lazy Avo Toast” where you mash up an avocado on a few rye crackers and sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. If you have a few extra minutes, you can even top with scrambled eggs.

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Who said it has to be summer to enjoy fresh, juicy fruit? Cut up a medley of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cantaloupe and you can have a summer morning on the coldest, snowiest days of winter.

Prosciutto Baguette

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of the Italian staple, try a slice of prosciutto on warm bread with extra virgin olive oil and mixed greens. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s delicious.

Greek Yogurt

You can’t go wrong with Greek yogurt! But to step it up a notch, throw in some fresh blueberries, honey and raw coconut chips. It’ll make your basic yogurt bowl feel like it came from an upscale restaurant or coffee shop.

Fruit Smoothie

Ice. Almond milk. Fruit. Veggies. Honey – that’s really all you need. Mix and match your favorite fruits and vegetables for a nutrient-packed breakfast that only takes a minute or two to make.

And on the weekends, when you have a bit more time, you can treat yourself to a delicious breakfast at Chip’s!

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