3 “Healthy” Foods That Aren’t Actually Healthy

Posted on February 14th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

3 "Healthy" Foods That Aren't Actually Healthy | Chip's Family Restaurant

Have you ever been tricked into believing something that simply wasn’t true? We’re going out on a limb here when we say that we’re sure you’ve all been in this type of situation. And when it comes to the foods you eat – the “healthy” ones may not actually be so good for you. See below for 5 foods that often boast healthy claims, when in reality, they aren’t so nutritious.

Energy Bars
Whether you choose to eat them for breakfast or snack on them throughout the day in order to acquire some key nutrients and because you feel like it’s a healthier alternative to eating candy, be careful. Although lots of bars claim they are healthy and nutritious, lots of them contain as much sugar as candy. Next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to look at the sugar, calories and ingredients before you make a purchase.

Packaged Turkey
Find yourself gathering at the deli counter to purchase turkey each week? Sure, turkey makes for a great sandwich and does provide a protein punch, but packaged meats are often sodium-saturated disasters. If steering clear of turkey isn’t an option, look for brands with 350mg or less.

Low Fat Milk
Have you made the switch to 1% or even Skim in order to cut some fat out of your diet? Sure, these options get rid of fat, but they also give up essential vitamins. There’s really not much benefit to choosing fat-free dairy products so keep this in mind the next time you cruise down the dairy aisle.

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