3 Reasons Your Knives Aren’t Sharp Anymore

Posted on March 9th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

3 Reasons Your Knives Aren't Sharp Anymore | Chip's Family Restaurant
What’s the quickest way to dull a knife? You may be thinking “using it on a daily basis.” Sure, constant use can cause a knife to lose its edge over time, but that’s not one of the top reasons. If you’re making any of these knife-dulling mistakes, you’re doing it wrong and need to make some changes right away. Your knives, your fingers and your food will thank you!


    1. You’re Putting Them in the Dishwasher. This is a big no-no especially if you’ve got an expensive set. First of all, most dish detergents are highly abrasive which is why they’re so good at removing sticky foods from your dishes. Second, they can bang around and crash into other utensils or dishes which can cause the blade to chip and finally, the high level of heat that comes about during the drying phase can also ruin the blade.

    2. You’re Using the Wrong Cutting Board. When it comes to chopping, slicing or dicing, you should only be doing so on wood or plastic cutting boards. These materials are soft enough so they won’t compromise the blade. Any other materials can cause serious damage.

    3. You’re Throwing Them in the Drawer. Are you the type of person who tosses your knife in the drawer full of other utensils when you’re done using it? If so, stop it now! Not only is it dangerous to have an unsheathed knife in the drawer, it rubs against other things each time you open or close the drawer causing it get dull quite quickly.


When it comes your knives, a little bit of care goes a very long way. It’s important to keep your knives sharp so you can cut, slice and dice like a pro. Or you can simply leave all of the cooking to us! Head over to Chip’s Family Restaurant where everything is prepared fresh.