3 Burger Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Posted on May 17th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

Temperatures are on the rise and summer is fast approaching. That means grills are firing up across the area and we’re celebrating National Barbecue Month! Looking to take your burgers to the next level? Say goodbye to those dried out hockey pucks and say hello to perfectly cooked and perfectly juicy meat between the bun!

3 Burger Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs | Chip's Family Restaurant

Handle With Care

We recommend started out with fresh ground beef, not the frozen stuff and not the pre-made patties. This way, you can season the meat as you wish and add your own flair. With that said, it’s vital to handle and mix the ground beef as little as possible. A few quick turns and kneads with your hands will do the trick! The more you mix, the tougher and drier the meat becomes.

Do Not Press

This is one of the most common mistakes amateur grillers make. You should NEVER press down on the burger with your spatula or any other utensil at any point during the cooking process. This will only squeeze out the juices – it won’t add those beautiful grill marks or make the burgers cook any faster.

Keep The Flips To A Minimum

Just like pressing down on the burger with a spatula, lots of unseasoned grillers have a tendency to flip their burgers multiple times. As a rule of thumb, wait until you start to see juices rising to the top of the burger. When you see this happening, flip it and leave it alone for the remainder of the cook.

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