Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles

Posted on August 24th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

It’s an age old question – what’s the difference between a Belgian waffle and a Regular waffle? Well, let’s start off by saying if you’re eating a waffle for breakfast, it’s going to be a great day. Now that we’ve made that clear, we can dig right into question. After all, it’s National Waffle Day so there’s no better time to clear up the confusion than now!

Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles | Chip's Family Restaurant

Belgian Waffles

They originated at the Brussels World Fair Expo in 1958 and weren’t introduced to North America until the Century 21 Exposition in Seattle in 1962. So, what are they? Belgian waffles have a yeasted batter which makes them lighter and fluffier than a “regular” waffle. But there’s more to it than that. The Belgian variety is often much larger than its counterpart and you must make them in a special Belgian-style waffle iron.

Regular Waffles

The history of regular waffles dates back to the 16th century where they began as a mixture of water and flour and were placed between two iron plates. Unlike Belgian waffles, this type is made in a smaller waffle iron and therefore, doesn’t have the deep pockets like a Belgian waffle does. Regular waffles tend to heat up faster because they are smaller in size and can be made into a variety of shapes. They’re easy to store in the freezer so they’re great for a quick breakfast any day of the week.

Now that you know the difference, stop by Chip’s Family Restaurant to satisfy your cravings! We offer a variety of Belgian-style waffles and toppings galore!

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