Healthy Dinner Recipes The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Posted on September 12th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

Healthy Dinner Recipes The Whole Family Will Enjoy | Chip's Family Restaurant

Remember when your parents used to ring the dinner bell when it was time to come in for supper? Those were the days! Well, we realize that most families no longer use a dinner bell, and maybe that’s one of the reasons it can be so difficult to get everyone to sit down for dinner at the same time. We’ve got a solution. Try these healthy family recipes this week and we can almost guarantee everyone will come running!

Turkey, Broccoli & Cheese Calzones

Does your family love pizza nights? Well, here’s a healthier twist on the fan-favorite. You can start by picking up fresh dough from the local pizzeria and then stuff it with ricotta and parmesan cheeses, fresh broccoli and ground turkey.

Barbecue Carrot Dogs

Looking for a healthier alternative to dirty water hot dogs? Grill up a carrot, place it on a hot dog bun and top with sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard. You can even swap out the regular bun for a whole wheat bun if you prefer.

Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl

You can model your homemade burrito bowls after what your kids love to eat at Chipotle. Just be sure to load up on the quinoa, and vegetables and keep the cheese and sour cream to a minimum.

BBQ Kale Chips

Instead of making French Fries as a side dish, opt for kale chips instead. We recommend sprinkling them with BBQ seasoning and roasting them in the oven with a bit of olive oil until crispy.

And if for any reason, you decide to take a break from cooking for a night, head on down to Chip’s Family Restaurant. We’ve got plenty of healthy options for the entire family!

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