Is A Slow Cooker Really Worth It?

Posted on October 3rd, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to ramp up your cooking game. Let’s face it, families tend be on the run during the summertime. At least more so than they are during the winters months which means there’s a good chance you haven’t had the time to dedicate to a home-cooked meal. Well, even if you don’t have more time on your hands these days we’ve got the perfect solution – get your hands on a slow cooker!

Is A Slow Cooker Really Worth It? | Chip's Family Restaurant

While most people consider slow cookers to be lifesavers in the kitchen, there are a few things to consider. So, before you head out to the store or log on to the computer to start shopping here’s what you need to know:

They’re Great For Cooking Almost Anything

While most things you throw in there will come out great, there are a few things that just aren’t meant to be cooked in a slow cooker. Anything that needs to be crispy, like bacon or fried chicken, won’t turn out well. On the other hand, you can use them to cook meatballs, hot dips, desserts, macaroni and cheese, cakes and warm cocktails.

Consider The Heating Method

Some slow cookers have a heating element that only sits at the bottom of the pot while others have elements that run up the sides. We recommend the latter as they allow heat to be distributed more evenly.

Think Twice About Setting It and Forgetting It

It’s a common misconception that you can simply dump all the necessary ingredients into the pot and come back a few hours later to a perfectly cooked meal. Keep in mind that it does require a bit of attention, especially if you’re cooking things like rice or delicate veggies.

The bottom line? A slow cooker will be a major help as the holidays roll around and you may find yourself enjoying the meals so much that you start using it every day. Just do some research and find out what you need and what you don’t need before you make a purchase.

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