5 Signs It’s Time for a Cooking Class

Posted on October 6th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

The vegetables are burnt. The steak is dried out. The pasta is overcooked. We’ve all been there, right? Not everyone can say they’re Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen and at some point, it’s a better idea to give in and take a cooking class rather than ruining another Sunday meal. If you find yourself falling into any of the categories below, it’s time!

5 Signs It's Time for a Cooking Class | Chip's Family Restaurant

Your Kitchen is Spotless

The first sign of an inexperienced chef is a pristine kitchen. Let’s face it, when you’re cooking, you’re going to make some sort of a mess, even if you try your best to be neat. If you can’t find a speck of oil or a crumb, chances are you’re not doing enough cooking to consider yourself a great chef.

You Have One Go-To Ingredient

Sure, we all love certain ingredients and many of them can be found in all of our dishes. But if you have one staple that you truly believe can make any single meal go from terrible to great, you may want to reconsider. There are lots of ingredients out there that simply don’t pair well with others.

Your Microwave Is Your Favorite Oven

Sure, microwaves are great for reheating leftovers or saving time in a pinch. But if it’s the only type of oven you use in the kitchen, it’s time my friend, to take a cooking class.

You Don’t Understand Relatively Basic Cooking Terms

Don’t what filleting a piece of meat means? Never heard of a paring knife? No, there wasn’t a class on this years ago that nobody told you about – you simply need to spend some more time learning about cooking.

The Fire Alarm Goes Off Every Time You Use The Stove Or Oven

Ever clear out your house or your building because you set off the fire alarm while preparing a meal? It does happen every now and then, especially when aren’t playing close attention. But if it happens every team you step in the kitchen, there’s something you’re doing is very wrong.

If you aren’t the best chef in the world, and taking a cooking class just isn’t for you, you can always leave the cooking to us!

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