3 Signs It’s Time For New Kitchen Knives

Posted on October 17th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

3 Signs It's Time For New Kitchen Knives | Chip's Family Restaurant

Tired of crushing tomatoes when they weren’t supposed to crushed? Sick of flattening garlic when it wasn’t supposed to be flattened? Getting the point? If your knife is on its way out, it can make food prep quite the daunting task. See below to find out if it’s time to toss that old cutlery and treat yourself to fresh, new blades:

Your Knife Isn’t Comfortable

What do we mean by this? We mean the knife should be comfortable in your hand at all times. This aspect is often overlooked but it’s vital. Not only should the shape fit well in your hand, take weight into consideration as well. A knife that’s too light or too heavy won’t become your best friend any time soon.

It’s Bent Or Broken

Obviously, if the blade is severely damaged or broken, you’ll know it’s time for a new one. But if there’s a chip here or there or if the tip is bent or broken do you really to spend the money on a new one? The answer is, yes. You may be able to have small imperfections smoothed away, but for larger blemishes, it’s best to treat yourself to a new knife.

The Rivets Are Loose

What are the rivets, you ask? They’re the small round metal pieces that secure the blade to the handle. If they come loose, it can cause the blade to lose stability and balance and you can end up with some serious problems. In most cases, it’s worth replacing the knife if the rivets loosen up.

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