Healthy Halloween Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Approve

Posted on October 31st, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without bags full of candy and sugary treats, right? Well, for some maybe. But for the parents out there who are looking to take the healthier route, there are plenty of options. Sure, you can let your kids eat a few pieces of candy, but we’ll bet they’ll enjoy these healthier alternatives just as much!

Healthy Halloween Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Approve | Chip's Family Restaurant

Mummy Dogs

Take the classic appetizer, pigs in a blanket, and serve them with a spooky twist. Chop hot dogs into bite-sized pieces and use crescent rolls to wrap them up like mummies. Use two drops of mustard for the eyes and they’ll surely be a hit!

Monster Bites

Slice apples into slivers and use two pieces to make a mouth-like shape. Use almonds for the teeth and strawberry jelly for the tongue and gums. To prevent the apple slices from turning brown, soak them in lemon water for 10 minutes.

Witches Brooms

Cheese sticks and pretzels make for the perfect snack any time of day. Slice up pieces of the cheese stick to make the bottom look like broom bristles and use a pretzel stick for the handle.

Hummus With Carrot Fingers

It’s all about the presentation with this one. Fill a bowl with fresh hummus and shape carrot sticks into long fingers. Then stick the creepy carrot fingers into the hummus to make it look like a hand is coming out of the dip.

Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs

You can transform a regular deviled egg into an instant Halloween treat with the addition of a few black olives. For each egg, cut one large black olive in half and use it for the body of the spider. Then slice a few more olives thinly and attach them to the “body” to make it look like legs.

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