How To Eat Healthy While Dining Out

Posted on December 12th, 2017 by Chips Restaurants

Grilled vegetables are a healthier alternative to fried or sauteed vegetables.
Unless you have literally nothing to do all day, it can be quite difficult to prepare healthy meals every day of the week. Chances are, you’ve got a busy schedule and you barely find time to breathe let alone prepare gourmet meals each night that are actually good for you. Well, you can take some of the effort out of the equation by heading out to a local restaurant – and yes, it’s possible to eat healthy even if you’re not dining under your own roof.

Ask For Extra Veggies

In lots of restaurants, a “side” of vegetables isn’t going to do the trick. In some cases, it looks more like a garnish than an actual side to your meal so don’t be afraid to ask for more. We recommend asking for grilled vegetables rather than fried or sauteed to eliminate excess oil consumption. At Chip’s we serve just about all of our veggies, grilled.

Block Out Extra Fat

Just because you’re ordering a salad doesn’t mean you’re making a healthier decision. Try skipping the cheese and the crispy or fried chicken and ask for a lite dressing or one made from olive oil rather than slathering on a creamy alternative. White balsamic vinaigrette or light parmesan vinaigrette are better options than their more fattening counterparts.

Skip The Sugary Drinks

Think twice before ordering the large soda or fruit juice, but if you absolutely must satisfy your craving, keep it one glass and say “no thanks” to a refill. Water is a much healthier option and best of all, it’s free!

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