15 EGGtraordinary Breakfast Puns to Use for Instagram Captions

Posted on April 1st, 2019 by Chip's Restaurants

Breakfast Puns

Imagine this: You are sitting in a Chip’s Family Restaurant waiting for your breakfast to arrive. You spot the server striding toward you, delicious food in hand. Your stomach is grumbling, your mouth is watering, you cannot wait to dive into your fluffy stack of pancakes. You’re about to dig in when suddenly you remember, “I have to take a pic for Instagram!” As cringey as it may be, we are all guilty of posting food pictures. It’s fun to ignite jealousy in your followers as you show off what you’re eating to the world. At Chip’s we don’t judge. We encourage you to take the snap for insta, so we have compiled 15 eggcellent breakfast puns to use as captions. Post away!

Breakfast Puns:

I like you a waffle lot.

If Shakespeare cooked breakfast, he’d make a Hamlet.

Don’t go bacon my heart! I couldn’t if I fried!

You’re bacon me crazy.

Look to the sunny side!

Let’s get stacked.

That’s all yolks.

Thanks a brunch!

BAE = Bacon and Eggs

A toast to a beautiful day!

No one stacks up to you!

I’ve got the brunchies.

We’re butter together!

Omelet that slide.

Life is brew-tiful!

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