Your Guide to Pairing Wine with Breakfast

Posted on May 16th, 2019 by Chip's Restaurants

Brussels Sprouts and Baby Kale Caesar Salad

Have you ever been enjoying a nice breakfast and thought, “I would really like a glass of wine with this?” You’re not alone! May 25th is National Wine Day and to celebrate we are providing you with several delicious breakfast food and wine pairings! We had Micheal Shearin, an experienced wine sommelier in the Los Angeles area, look at our menu and our selection of wines to determine the best pairings at Chip’s Family Restaurant!

Pinot Grigio

According to Michael, “Pinot grigio is a zingy white wine that pairs great with most egg dishes. Particularly veggie filled egg dishes.” He recommends you try a glass of pinot grigio with the Primavera Skillet, which is made with crisp potato hash and diced garden vegetables, it’s topped with two eggs any style and a fresh basil aioli. The Chip’s Healthy Omelet would be a great choice too!


“Merlot is great to drink with a sweet and savory dish”, states Michael. Try it with the Pigs in a Blanket dish, the Ham and Egg Skillet or the Chicken Sausage and Apple Omelet.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If eggs Benedict had a best friend, it would be a glass of cabernet sauvignon. At Chip’s family restaurant we have a ton of different options for eggs Benedict! So, you can go with the classic eggs Benedict, or you can switch it up with the California Eggs Benedict, the Irish Eggs Benedict and more! Eggs Benedict not your thing? Cabernet Sauvignon is also known to pair well with mushrooms, so adding mushrooms to any of our egg dishes would be a great way to pair this wine.

Mimosa with Zonin Prosecco

When it comes to the classic boozy brunch drink Michael says, “When all else fails this is delicious with everything… even better if you just hold the OJ!”. The most versatile of the wines we carry, you can order a mimosa with pretty much anything on our menu! Craving an egg dish? Order a mimosa! The bubbles and the acidity from the prosecco can cut through that eggy fat. Craving a tasty pancake or waffle? Order a mimosa to make for the perfect sweet brunch! If this list sounds good to you but you aren’t a fan of getting tipsy in the morning, there is no need to worry! Because at Chip’s Family Restaurant we serve all day breakfast! So, you can come in anytime to fulfill your boozy brunch cravings! Celebrate National Wine Day with us and order one of these mouth-watering pairings!

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