What You Should Order At Chip’s Based on Your Star Sign

Posted on June 17th, 2019 by Chip's Restaurants

Chips Star Signs
What You Should Order At Chip’s Based on Your Star Sign

Whether you believe in the power of the zodiac or not, you can’t deny that it can be fun to analyze your life based on the stars! So, if you look to your horoscope to influence your actions, why not look at it to determine your breakfast! Keep on reading to find your perfect Chip’s breakfast item based on your star sign!


When it comes to food, an Aries likes anything that can be made and eaten quickly, without much fuss. They love starters, appetizers, and breakfast items, and favor spicy and bold tastes. A great food option at Chip’s is the Mexican Skillet. It features two eggs, over crispy hash with jalapeño peppers, onions, chorizo, cheddar cheese and a side of fresh salsa. This meal has some bold flavors going on as well as some spice. It’s also simple and quick to make!


Taurus are the most sensual of all the zodiac signs, so they eat slowly and savor every bite. They like big helpings and creamy dishes. Often seeking comfort in their meals, the ideal breakfast item from Chip’s would be an eggs Benedict meal. You can go for the classic eggs Benedict or switch it up with our more unique Benedicts. The hollandaise sauce provides the creaminess you crave, and the side of home fries, pancakes or fruit makes this a filling meal full of comfort.


Geminis need for mental stimulation has them constantly on the move, and a variety of snacks keep them going. Geminis may even be the kind of people who skip breakfast or have something small that they can eat on the go. That’s why the perfect option for them is our authentic homemade Greek yogurt. This light snack is quick and easy, served with strawberries, blueberries and banana. It serves up just the right amount of fuel that you need to kick start your day.


Cancers are very sensitive—and so are their stomachs. They’re attracted to comfort foods and tend to enjoy dining at home rather than going out. But if you’re out at Chip’s Family Restaurant the thing to order would be the buttermilk pancakes. They are simple enough not to upset your sensitive stomach and it will feel like a homecooked breakfast!


Leos enjoy making a performance out of everything they do. When they eat, they let everyone around them know how delightful their meal is. As a Leo, you want to order something extravagant that is going to steal the spotlight. You want everyone asking how your meal is. That’s why the perfect thing for you to order would be the Cinnabon pancakes or the chocoholic pancakes. These pancakes are over the top, just like you! They’re always the star of the show and a star like you deserves nothing less.


Small, nourishing, and frequent meals work best for this sign because they tend to be fidgety. That’s why a Virgo should order the patriotic oatmeal. Oatmeal is a nutrient dense, heart-healthy meal that can be prepared and consumed quickly.


Libras love balance and desire everything to be fair and equal, which means they are very aware of presentation and portion size. You’re in luck, Libra, because we have the perfect meal for you! It’s our 2x2x2x2; Two eggs, two pancakes, two strips of bacon and two sausage links, served with home fries and toast. Perfect balanced, perfectly delicious!


Scorpios really get into the sensuous, satisfying experience of eating. This sign craves intensity and is drawn to dishes that exhibit strong flavors and aromas. Go for the Carolina Benedict; slow roasted pulled BBQ pork over cornbread with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and a swirl of BBQ. This choice is jam-packed with flavor! Or perhaps you’re feeling more of a dessert vibe. Feed your sensual side with the Nutella strawberry waffle. What could be more classically intense and passionate than chocolate and strawberries!


Sagittarians love to eat because they’re dedicated to enjoying all that life has to offer. And as lovers of nature, those born under this sign seek fresh foods. A good option for a Sagittarian is the Mediterranean toast; wheat berry bread with chopped tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and chopped olives with a poached egg. This meal is packed with fresh flavors! It’s also very nutrient dense which will keep you energized so you can go out and continue your adventures!


Capricorns are traditional people who know what they like—and prefer to eat the things they’ve eaten since they were children. That’s why you should just keep it simple with the half size bacon and egg. One egg and two strips of bacon. Add a pancake with it and you’ve got a classic childhood meal.


For an Aquarius, freshness and sustainability are important to them. Go for Niko’s omelet (turkey bacon, asparagus, tomatoes and low-fat mozzarella with one whole wheat pancake) or the Chip’s healthy omelet (egg whites filled with any three vegetables and Canadian or turkey bacon. Served with a cup of fresh fruit and wheat-berry toast). Filled with fresh veggies and served with fresh fruit these two options are great for an Aquarius!


Pisces love delicate, gentle food that’s simply prepared. This sign tends to exhibit a sweet tooth. After all, Pisces long for sweetness in all areas of life. Pisces should go for the German apple pancakes; Fresh sliced apples cooked inside five buttermilk pancakes, topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Served with a raspberry purée sauce. This is one sweet pancake! Perfect for a Pisces!

Stop by any time for all day breakfast to try any of these delicious combinations!

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