Find Out What Your Egg Style Says About You!

Posted on November 18th, 2019 by Chip's Restaurants

California Omelet
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Researchers have discovered that a person’s egg preference may be able to give us an idea what their personality may be like! Who knew eggs could be so insightful! When asked what a favorite food item is, people tend to have a hard time choosing just one. Yet, when it comes to eggs most people know exactly what their preferred style is! Keep on reading to learn exactly what your egg style says about you!

1. Scrambled

You are loyal and reserved. Scrambled egg eaters like to keep things simple. They are friendly and inclusive. You may not stand out in the crowd, but you are appreciated and respected by others!

2. Omelet

You are the “mom friend” in your group. You always know what to say when someone is feeling down and you are great at bringing peace to a dispute. Omelet eaters can also be quite passive which allows them to be overshadowed by their more outgoing counterparts.

3. Sunny-Side Up

You have a wild side, but also an old soul. You dream of traveling and exploring the world but when you do travel you usually end up just reading, relaxing and enjoying the moment rather than rushing from sight to sight. You’re an absolute open book and you are happy to share the details of your life with just about anyone!

4. Poached
Poached egg eaters are often misunderstood and aloof. They can be kind of lonely in life. They often throw themselves into their career and are respected by many.

5. Hard-Boiled
You are an athlete and very focused on your fitness goals. People are often jealous of your ability to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Relaxing your regimen might do you some good…have a cheesy omelet every once in a while!

6. Soft Boiled
You were meant to live in another era. You are charming and elegant and do everything with grace!

7. Soft scrambled
You don’t come off as very approachable, however when people finally do get to know you, they often fall in love! Hard around the edges, but on the inside, you are quite the softie!

8. Over-easy
You can be shy and quiet most times. But once you feel you can trust someone you open up and build life-long friendships. Even though you are quiet you can be quite opinionated and often hold grudges forever.

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