Would You Rather? Breakfast Edition

Posted on December 16th, 2019 by Chip's Restaurants

Would You Rather

Let’s play a little game! The game of “Would You Rather” has been around for a very long time. The point is to present questions that are almost impossible to answer! Such as, “Would you rather of have seven fingers on both hands or seven toes on each foot?” Difficult question, we know…but we’re making it even harder with questions related to the best meal of all time… BREAKFAST! Indecisive people get ready because this is going to be one difficult read.

1. Would you rather always eat breakfast in bed or always eat breakfast out?

We’re going to start you off with an easy one. The best thing about this question is you don’t have to choose Chip’s or no Chip’s because we deliver right to your nightstand! Now the only choice you need to make is who’s bed are you leaving crumbs in?

2. For the rest of your life, would you only eat pancakes topped with fruit or chocolate pancakes?

Aren’t pancakes a vessel for transporting Vermont maple syrup, regardless? What are you choosing?

3. Would you rather only eat pancakes or only eat eggs for an entire month?

Savory or sweet?! This is where your true bias is revealed. Don’t worry, we let you put Vermont maple syrup on either.

4. Would you rather be able to only smell your food or only taste your food?
This is tough, but we are going to side with Mr. Chip here and choose to only taste our food. Because if Mr. Chip doesn’t have a nose then we don’t need one either! Plus, is syrup even a food? What do you think?

5. Would you rather give up coffee or mimosas for 365 days?
Have you ever had coffee with a splash of real Vermont maple syrup? Why not? We know which one we can’t give up. Which breakfast drink are you giving up?

6. Would you rather always have home fries as your side with eggs or bacon as your side with eggs?

Maple glazed home fries doesn’t exactly roll off our maple glazed tongue. Sorry homies, but bacon is on the menu!

7. Would you rather only eat breakfast foods for a year straight or not have any breakfast foods for three years?

This is an impossible question, but let’s make a group decision and declare syrup is not a food at all. It’s a delicacy in its own category. Now no matter whichever road you choose to travel, you’ll never have to quit maple syrup.

8. Would you rather have savory pancakes or sweet pancakes?

Trick question! All pancakes are sweet pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup. Have you tried our savory buffalo chicken pancakes or the bacon-jack pancakes? Or you can choose sweet pancakes like our Cinnabon pancakes or birthday cakes! A little syrup always sweetens the deal!

9. Would you rather be barred from entering Chip’s Family Restaurant during breakfast hours or be handcuffed to Mr. Chip The Pancake Prince for an entire week?

We know this one is silly! We’d never keep you from enjoying Chip’s Family Restaurant and would obviously feed you pancakes through the window! But if you had to make the choice, would you be up to the tasking of scouring the Earth with The Pancake Prince in search of the world’s most pure maple syrup?

Congrats! You made it through this trying series of mental gymnastics! You must be exhausted. Reward yourself with a delicious breakfast from Chip’s Family Restaurant, where real Vermont maple syrup is always on our tables.

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