New Egg-cellent Omelet Additions

Posted on January 15th, 2020 by Chip's Restaurants

Egg-cellent Additions

New year, new menu items! Besides our new sweet & savory pancake additions, we’re also modeling a fresh batch of fluffy, three egg omelets! Don’t worry, our customer favorites, like the California Omelet, are still on the menu – but we want to formally introduce you to 7 new omelet options! Keep reading to learn about the new egg-straordinary additions that you need try!

1. Chicken Souvlaki
This omelet filled with grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions and topped with tzatziki sauce is a true taste of the Mediterranean coast. Being from Greece, Chip’s owner George Chatzopoulos is always looking to fuse Mediterranean flavors with American comfort food. This Chicken Souvlaki Omelet is the Parthenon of omelets!

2. Maserati
Add a little Italian flair to your breakfast with this omelet and take your taste buds on a joy ride though the Alps. Filled with sausage, mushrooms, provolone cheese and topped with Italian meat sauce, this omelet is designed with the same precision as an exotic sports car.

3. Aloha

Everyone’s has their opinion about a Hawaiian pizza but what about a Hawaiian Omelet? Grab your grass skirt and hula dance your way over to Chip’s to try this fresh pineapple, Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese filled omelet. This tropical combination creates a volcanic explosion of flavor – bring your appetite!

4. The Philly
Ben Franklin wishes he came up with something this electric. We’ve turned the famous Philly cheese steak into a breakfast worthy of a Broad Street parade! With peppers, onions, American cheese and shaved steak, you’ll have the eye of the tiger like Rocky Balboa once you knock down this breakfast of champions.

5. Pastrami Reuben
At Chip’s, we find pastrami is the most well-rounded of all the salted cured meats which is why we needed to add a Pastrami Reuben Omelet to the menu! Our fluffy omelet stuffed with fresh deli shaved pastrami, Swiss cheese, and crunchy sauerkraut covered in creamy mustard sauce – it’s our breakfast twist on the classic pastrami on rye.

6. Five Alarm
Spice up your breakfast with our new Five Alarm Omelet! Embrace the heat and torch your tongue with spicy sriracha, pickled jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, and cheddar all mixed into a delicious fluffy omelet. This omelet might make you burn baby burn, like a disco inferno!

7. Greek Quinoa
Big fan of Greek food? Well lucky for you, this omelet is a healthy play on stuffed grape leaves! A hearty omelet filled with spinach, feta, quinoa, olives, and tomatoes seasoned with oregano. With ingredients this fresh, you’ll leave the table feeling ready to climb Mount Olympus!

We aren’t yolk-ing around when we say our newest omelets additions are egg-tra delicious, so try one or try them all – and don’t forget breakfast is served ALL DAY!

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