Valentine’s Day Brunch

Posted on February 6th, 2020 by Chip's Restaurants

Happy Valentine's Day

Brunch at Chip’s Will Get You In The Valentine’s Day Mood

Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon and perhaps you’ll decide to take your love to Chip’s for a lovely breakfast! Imagine sipping on a mimosa while staring into your darling’s eyes over a plate of fresh fluffy pancakes. If you ask us, that’s pure bliss! At Chip’s we have a vast variety of breakfast foods that will excite your lover’s heart and get you both in the Valentine’s Day mood! Keep reading to learn about some popular Valentine’s Day brunch items.

Nutella Waffle

Of course, chocolate is a staple of Valentine’s Day. Lovers all over the world gift each other sweet chocolatey treats, from a Hershey’s kiss to fine, expensive truffles! At Chip’s, we LOVE chocolate and we have so many breakfast items and sweets that will cure your sweetheart’s sweet tooth!

Let’s start with the Nutella and Strawberry Belgium Waffle. Chocolate and strawberries? It doesn’t get more romantic than that! The Nutella adds a nice depth to the chocolate flavor, while the strawberry keeps things sweet, yet fresh. This waffle is also topped with delicious coconut shavings that whisper “be mine”!

Can’t decide between white chocolate or milk chocolate? Choose both! Our choc-a-holic pancakes consist of five buttermilk pancakes loaded with white and milk chocolate chips. Squiggles of drizzled chocolate sauce, dusted with powdered sugar and then topped with whipped cream! A chocolate lovers dream!

Mexican Skillet

Spicy Foods
Foods with some heat to ‘em will warm you up, get your heart pumping, and stimulates nerve endings! Like a spark plug to a engine. Nothing like a little fire to get you excited for a day of love.
Take a chance and live on the edge by trying one of our savory pancakes. Our buffalo chicken pancakes are great way to spice up a brunch date! Five buttermilk pancakes are topped with crispy buffalo chicken bites and cheddar cheese. The heat of this dish will have you feeling like it’s your first kiss!

Our Mexican skillet is another great option. Two eggs any style over crispy potato hash topped with jalapeño peppers, onions, chorizo, cheddar cheese and a side of fresh salsa. This dish is bursting with vibrant flavor and heat. It’s sure to warm you up in this cold February weather!

Banana Caramel

Many fruits have vitamins and nutrients that carry aphrodisiac-like qualities. Watermelon, cherries, pomegranate and kiwis are just a few of them! Our two most popular mood boosting fruits are bananas and strawberries!
Our chocolate chip banana pancakes practically say “hug me”! What could go wrong when you combine chocolate and bananas? Absolutely nothing! Not in the mood for chocolate? Substitute the chocolate with caramel chips for a sweet bite you’ll be thinking about for many days after.

Are strawberries more your thing? Then you’ll love our strawberry short cake pancakes. Five pancakes layered and filled with a rich strawberry compote.


Last but definitely not least: mimosas. Brunch isn’t complete without a little bit of booze! A fruity, bubbly mimosa will have you grinning from ear to ear! And it will perfectly compliment your pancakes. Cheers to love!

Whether you’re single or taken, we hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and that your tummy is filled with pancakes! Happy Valentines Day!

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