Support Local Restaurants During Times of Crisis

Posted on March 18th, 2020 by Chip's Restaurants

Support local!

Due to the recent spread of the Coronavirus, the world is a little wild right now. Events are being cancelled left and right. Schools are closed and as of recently, Connecticut leaders have announced the close of all dine-in service for restaurants and bars around the state. For many business owners and service industry workers this news was devastating and may impact lives for the foreseeable future. Many local restaurants and small businesses are counting on their community’s support like never before. We’ve rounded up several different ways that you can show support to your local restaurants during this time of crisis.

1. Keep Calm and Carry Out

Many restaurants are still offering take-out options, and some are even offering curb side pickup! At Chip’s Family Restaurant, we are offering both so that you may enjoy Chip’s comfortably at home. We also deliver via Uber Eats, so you don’t even have to hop in the car if you don’t want! Ordering take-out is one of the most substantial ways that you can help local restaurants during this time. It tastes good to do good!

2. Use Other Forms of Payment Besides Cash

Cash can actually carry a lot of bacteria, and so in a time like this, it’s best to leave your bills at home for the safety of yourself and others! Instead pay online or over the phone, this will also help you avoid handling pens and check presenters. You can also opt for reading your card number to the cashier, to minimize the handling of your card. The safer you are, as a customer, the safer our staff will be as well!

3. Take Advantage of Deals and Discounts

Many places are offering amazing family deals and discounts as a way to encourage business! At Chip’s Family Restaurant, we are offering Family Dinner To-Go! For $39.99 you can feed your family of 4-6. Choose from several of our delicious dinner options, including chicken marsala, penne alla vodka, meatloaf, vegetarian lasagna, stuffed peppers and bbq pulled pork mac and cheese! Meals come with a tray of salad and dinner rolls as well! This is a great option if you’d like to feed your family, without all the grocery store chaos.

Chips To Go Special

4. Buy Gift Cards and Merchandise

Another awesome way to support your local restaurants is through gift cards purchases. When things have settled down a bit, you and a friend can come out to Chip’s and enjoy a great meal a using today’s gift card! Purchasing merchandise, such as t-shirts, is another small way that you can show your support as well.

5. Tip Well

During this time many food service workers are experiencing a huge income cut and minimized hours. They are working so hard to make sure that they provide you with a safe and healthy way to enjoy your food, all with a smile on their face! So be sure to tip your takeout servers well to show them that you appreciate their service!

6. Share Social Media Posts

Lastly, this suggestion is one that everyone can help with, at no cost! Keep the communication flowing by liking and interacting with your favorite restaurant’s social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram. Share posts that detail what services and deals they are offering at this time. The more people that know about it, the more support they may receive!

At Chip’s Family Restaurant, we are so thankful for our friends, family and loyal customers during this time. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to having you all back very soon!

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