Chips Feeds The Healthcare Heroes

We here at Chip’s Family Restaurant are proud to announce our Feed The Healthcare Heroes project. First responders and healthcare workers have shown incredible strength and courage during these difficult times. These hard working individuals have been caring for and aiding in helping those affected by COVID-19. We want to show our thanks for all that they have done for our local community, and show our love for all they’ve done for the people we care about.

Through this program, you can sponsor a (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) for any nurse, doctor, medical professional, or first responder working at your local hospital, fire station, or nursing home.

We will be providing free delivery to the list (found below)) about 4 times a day. Our hours for delivery are breakfast at 8AM, lunch at 12PM, dinner at 5PM and the night shift at 8PM.

These meals will get to hospitals safely, with every item sealed tight and an ingredient list available.

These hard working individuals have gone above and beyond for not only your community, but for the country. What better way to thank them with some amazing food to get them through the day.

HOW TO ORDER: EIther fill out the form below (and someone will call you to confirm your order & gather your credit card payment information)


Call your local Chips and someone can take your order over the phone

Orange, CT: (203) 795-5065
Fairfield, CT: (203) 332-3370

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NOTE: There is a 15 person total minimum for each order

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