About Our Fairfield, CT Pancake House

Since 1966 – Food Tastes Better When You Eat It With Family At Chip’s Restaurant!

Since 1966, Chip’s Family Restaurant has been a place for people to connect over breakfast, create memories with family, grab a bite before or after an event, and so much more! Chip’s Restaurant is built on quality, service, and community. In 2003, when George Chatzopoulos took over he made sure to maintain that culture. The restaurant continues to make everything homemade and Georgie, the employees, and generations of customers know that makes the difference.

Our Owner

George Chatzopoulos, better known as Georgie, immigrated to the United States from Greece in 1987 and worked in the restaurant business for many years. Being proud of his Greek heritage, George has fused Mediterranean favorites with traditional American comfort food to create a diner Orange, CT loves. Georgie’s philosophy is “We are here because of the local people; I believe that providing great service, high-quality food, and a friendly atmosphere will keep our customers coming back”.

George Chatzopoulos - Owner of Chip's Family Restaurant | Diners in Connecticut